Cha Seung Won on Shanghai for Highcut

Forget about the amusing Dok Ko Jin on “Best Love” , and back to my hottest ajeossi, Cha Seung Won. Recently, Cha Seung Won flew to Shanghai to do a photo shoot for Highcut magazine which published on July 21st.

In China he’s become ‘Shanghai tough guy’ with fatal attraction…gaaah… i feel so hot in here. Still in summer with hot temperature (40 degree Celsius), he looks sweaty, tanned, and absolutely HOT!!!He’s already forty somethings, but i don’t give a damn!!! it’s impossible to ignore him, he’s too hot. :mrgreen:

The photoshoot took place on eighty years old building (built on 1930) named Tyenjepang on Nanjing road, used to be a studio film location. In China, Cha Seung Won also gained popularity because of his dramas which also  success in China.

[by Blossom]

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