Cha Tae Hyun-Uee Share The First Kiss on “Jeon Woo Chi”

KBS’s most anticipated drama “Jeon Woo Chi” unveiled more of teaser, this time the main characters, Jeon Woo Chi (Cha Tae Hyun) and Hong Moo Yeon (Uee) the granddaugther of Hong Gil Dong, facing each other and share the sweet kiss under the maple tree…this scene is so beautiful.

Jeon Woo Chi and Hong Moo Yeon learn about wizard together at Yoldo. As the playful wizard, Woo Chi has love interest to the princess. But in the future, they have complicated relationship, since Hong Moo Yeon is under the spell of Ma Sook who erased her memory and controlled her to fight against Joseon people. But once a month Moo Yeon back as a good girl, remember everything including Woo Chi, since the full moon makes the black magic weak.

I think when someone looks at Cha Tae Hyun’s face directly is not easy at all, you must be bursting with big laugh, but Uee managed to make this scene successful with less NG that because Cha Tae Hyun gave her space and comfort feeling while filming this scene in the middle of cold weather.

“Jeon Woo Chi” is ready for airing next week, start on Wednesday.

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