Choi Ji Woo Is Back for Small Screen “The Housekeeper”

20130731-Choi Ji Woo

Choi Ji Woo is confirmed for next project. She has agreed to involve in SBS’s up coming drama “The Housekeeper”. “The Housekeeper” is actually a remake from Japanese hit drama “I am Mita, Your Housekeeper” (2011).

When broadcasted in Japan the drama was very popular and received more than 40% rating. The drama tells about a distress family who needs a woman figure since their mother died for committing suicide. The mysterious woman comes and works as the maid for the family.

Choi Ji Woo decided to chosse this project since this drama was so touching and had humanism value. Choi Ji Woo is really excited about it, she also puts the trust for the hitmaker PD Kim Hyung Sik.

“The Housekeeper” will start airing on September for replacing “Empire of Gold”.

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