Chuseok Spirit from Protect The Boss Location

The Chuseok holiday! It’s a kind  of Korean Thanksgiving. And for this special holiday, Protect The Boss’s casts made unique greeting for the fans. On September 11, they released photos from the location. The casts, appeared with songpyeon on their hand, most of them feeding that traditional cake to Chairman Cha (Park Yeong Gyu), the fierce chairman became adorable on that photo. The main characters: Ji Heon, Eun Seol, Moo Won, and Na Yoon also enjoyed the cake with bright smile . Friendly drama with friendly casts, they look like a family.

Beside those photos, there are also a message for the fans “추석을 맞이해 시청자들 모두 가족과 함께 즐거운 시간을 보내시면서 정말 풍성한 명절을 맞이하셨으면 좋겠다” (Welcoming the Chuseok holiday, we hope the audience have a nice holiday with their family).

This photos were taken on September 10, when the filming took a break and got the holiday gift from the bakery for the crew. Through these photos and songpyeon on their hand, at least they can still share the holiday spirit even though they couldn’t enjoy the holiday with their families because they still have to work on.

Happy Chuseok holiday for all, we sincerely wish you happiness! ;)

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