Cyrano Agency Soundtrack

I like Park Shin Hye’s voice. She sings nicely and I think in a quite simple way. After “You Are Beautiful”(2009), in Cyrano she also shows her ability to sing for the soundtrack. But this time she isn’t alone. She made a duet with Lee Min Jung, a fellow female cast in the movie.

Lee Min Jung’s voice is also interesting to listen in the song titled “당신이었군요” (It Was You). This song worths listening. ;)  Besides them, other casts, Uhm Tae Woong and Daniel Choi also go for a duet in the song “청계산 가버렸네” (I Went To Cyeonggyes Mountain). Please check these MV, I hope you’ll like them like I do.

[Rizz additional: I love the boys’ duet, it’s fun! Blossom was right, guys. These MVs are worth watching and listening. Please enjoy ;) ]

Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Jung MV

Uhm Tae Woong and Choi Daniel MV

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