Dalja’s Spring

Dalja’s Spring is a 2007 KBS drama, starred Chae Rim as Oh Dal Ja, Lee Min Gi as Kang Tae Bung, Lee Hyun Woo as Uhm Gi Joong, Lee Hye Yeong as Lee Seon Joo, and Geong Hyeon Jin as Shin Sae Do. These characters are those you see in the poster.

This story is about a never been kissed 33 year old woman, Oh Dal Ja who was in search for a true love. She’s a successful career woman who worked in TV advertising company. One day, he ran into Kang Tae Bung on the street who then became her “rent” fake boyfriend. Kang Tae Bung was an easy going and cool 27 year old man. In her work, Dal Ja met the assumed-to-be-the-perfect prince charming, Uhm Gi Joong whom Dal Ja eventually found out that he’s not as perfect as she had thought.

Along with her significant improvement in building a relationship with Gi Joong, Dal Ja realized that her feeling to Kang Tae Bung was true and getting deeper. The “competition” between the two men then heated up when Tae Bung gave Dal Ja back his payment and asked her to start over and Tae Bung declared everything to Gi Joong. Dal Ja, confused with her own situation, always asked for advises to his co-worker Sae Do. While Sae Do himself always spoke out his mind to Dal Ja about his problem with co-worker-as-girlfriend Seon Joo.

What I like about this drama is it is not only about romance. All the characters had strong ideology, yet act very realistic. They showed us how they hold on to what they believe and how they pursued their dreams and how they faced the reality in front of them. It’s not about leaning your life to someone you love, but about how you and your partner grow up together. A very interesting idea to show a realistic romance.

Watching the life of these 5 characters were so exciting and lots of laughters. 22 episodes and I never miss a single one. The characters were well-performed, the story line was not boring at all, and you’re going to learn alot of things about how it is to be an adult.

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