“Dancing Queen” Number One Box Office Movie Of The Week

The movie “Dancing Queen” starred by Korean Madonna, Uhm Jung Hwa, and Hwang Jeong Min becomes the number one of Korean box office only two days after being officially released on January 18. “Dancing Queen” tells the story about the wife of the next Seoul’s mayor who tries to become a singer without her husband knowing. Hwang Jeong Min plays the next Seoul’s mayor candidate who came from a poor lawyer who becomes a politician, after his accidental heroic action on public. Very good reviews on the movie even right after the VIP premier and for me, personally, it’s very entertaining to see some fresh semi-musical movie. And yeah…it’s always good to see Uhm Jung Hwa on the screen, especially with the whole package of acting, singing and dancing.

If you haven’t watch it yet, you can check out on this trailer:


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