DaVichi – Time Please Stop (If I Could Stop Time)


Maybe this is a new promotion strategy for singers to appear in video clips of others’. Like Ham Eun Jeong, T-Ara’s leader, appeared on DaVichi singles latest music video entitled “Time, Please Stop”
Davichi, a famous girlband as well as T-Ara, consists of two personnel, Lee Hae Ri and Kang Min Kyung. Davichi’s specialty is ballad songs.

Ham Eun-jeong

In this video clip, Eun Jeong asked Davichi to let her appear in their video clip. And interestingly, the appearance of both of Lee Hae Ri and Kang Min Kyung is less than Eun Jeong.
DaVichi’s video clip this time was inspired by the fairy tale, Snow White, but delivered in a modern version. Eun Jeong appears as a brave Snow White and a typical party girl, but still longed for a prince charming and always threatened by an evil stepmother.

One interesting thing about this video is the director successfully presented the dark side of the Snow White. Eun Jeong’s acting is well suited as a modern version of snow white.
Promotion like this seems quite effective, in fact, DaVichi and the T-Ara can be equally gain more popularity with Eun Jeong’s appearance in this clip …and Eun Jeong looks so cute :D

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