Davichi’s Third Mini Album Released

Yay! finally my favorite girl band is back. The duo Davichi, Lee Hae Ri and Kang Ming Kyung, come back with new mini album “Love Delight”. This album officially released on August 29th, actually these songs got leaked to the internet a few days before being released but the loyal fans still exited for this album.

After Seeya disbanded, frankly for me Davichi is the only girl band left that can really sing. Not only have angelic beauty, these girls also have angelic voices.

“Love Delight” consists of six tracks, “Don’t Say Goodbye”, “Love, My Love”, “Don’t Look For Me Again”, “Happy End”, “Secret” and “Don’t Say Goodbye” inst. version.

I’ve already watch the MV for “Don’t Say Goodbye”, not as usual, this time Kang Min Kyung is trusted to become the model for this MV. Nice MV, though the ending is a bit sad. The songs in this mini album are pretty amazing, so please purchase this album. ;)

MV for Don’t Say Goodbye (안녕이라고 말하지마)

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