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I was confused when I saw the name of this new girl band, not knowing how to say it, I read “function” (as in mathematics)…but it was wrong.
f (x) is read “EFFECTS” …what a brilliant idea. For the “F” they mean as a flower and “X” as symbol of female chromosomes (XX). (Ha, very scientific!)
This Girl band debut in 2009, most of the members are ex-child actresses. They are Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli, and Krystal. They were very young but have been successfully released the single “La Cha Ta” and “Chu ~ ♡”.
First heard their song entitled “La Cha Ta”, which crossed my mind “Girls Generation wannabe” .. oops .. my hunch is closely true they did Girls Generation’s yo dongsaeng (younger sister). Is not just they’re under the same label (SM Entertaiment), but also one of its members, Krystal, is the younger sister of Jessica (Girls Generation’s member).
But after more closely observing their musical quality, there is a difference between f (x) and girls generation. f (x) have the side of a little more rock, more beat, and more elements of hip hop .. which i think is nice …
This Korean girl band is unique.  Not all of the members are Korean citizens. Victoria (the leader) comes from Chinese and Amber is Taiwanese-American.
Since their debut until now, they have released several singles and some drama soundtrack (God of the Study and Cinderella‘s Sister).
New single is “Nu Abo” the release of May 4, 2010 and successfully dominated the Korean music charts, For me, I love “Lollipop” which they bring together with Chinese boy band, M.I.C, it’s fun for dancing … only a matter of taste. but overall they can be considered one of the successful girl band.


1. Victoria (빅토리아), real name Song Qian (Chinese: 宋茜)
date of birth February 2, 1987

2. Amber (엠버) real name Amber Josephine Liu
date of birth September 18, 1992

3. Luna (루나) real name Park Sun Young (Hangul: 박선영)
date of birth August 12, 1993

4. Sulli (설리)), real name Choi Jin Ri (Hangul: 최진리)
date of birth March 29, 1994

5. Krystal (크리스탈), real name Jung Soo Jung (Hangul: 정수정)
date of birth October 24, 1994

1. “La Cha Ta” (라차타),September 1, 2009
2. “Chu~♡” (츄~♡), November 9, 2009
3. “Chocolate Love”, 2009
4. “Thrill Love”, March 17, 2010
5. “Lollipop” Feat. M.I.C, 2010
6. “Nu ABO”, May 4, 2010

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