False Marriage Rumour Bae Young Joon-Lee Na Young(?)

Marriage Rumour Bae Young Joon-Lee Na Young

Staying away from the “hustle and bustle daily life” of Korean celebrities for focusing on his modelling and charity works the “Smile Project”, Bae Yong Joon was rumoured to have married actress Lee Na Yeong. The rumour had actually started long ago since Lee Na Young joined the same management company, BOF. The rumour floated into the surface again because he just recently bought a house in Seoul. But Bae Yong Joon said the rumour was untrue.

“I don’t think I’d think about marriage for the next 2-3 years,” he said. “If he i had done so, the fans would’ve been the first to know.” Bae Yong Joon assured that the relationship between Lee Na Yeong and he were just good friends.

On the other event, Lee Na Yeong also said that she’s not the married type. She said if she’s about to marry, she had to wait until she hit 30 years old…29 is just not her time to settle her life.

Well, I don’t know what really happen between them on the back of the curtain. But if they are really dating, would they be the perfect dream-like beautiful couple (the second after Jang Dong Gun and Go Seo Young) ? ;)

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