Fashion King’s Casts Gathering for Reading Session

First i want to apologize, before i’ve made misinterpretation, because it turned out that Shin Se Kyung  is still on Fashion King’s casts list. On December 24th, Shin Se Kyung came  to the script reading session with 20 other actors including Yoo Ah In, Lee Je Hoon, and also Yuri.

Finally Yuri agreed to act on small screen, following her band mate, Yoona and Jessica.,She even looked vigorous, coming to that place straight from  the airport after landing from Japan.

“Fashion King” is story of young guy, Yeong Gyeol (Yoo Ah In) who struggles to make his dreams on fashion industry comes true, and holds on his love and desire. Actually this is a reunion project from PD Lee Myung Woo, writers Kim Ki Ho and Lee Sun Mi, and the director Choi Moon Suk. They are the people behind the success of “What Happened in Bali”. And i hope this time they can make a drama as success as “What Happened in Bali” but lighter story line.

This drama will replacing “Salaryman” on SBS.

[by Blossom]

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