Favorite Character from “Coffee House”

I really want to make Kang Seung Young (Ham Eun Jong) character to be my favorite from this drama, but i just like the novelist. He is eccentric and smart and a famous novelist…frankly, i just as simple as envy him, haha.

The novelist, Jin Soo (Kang Ji Hwan) can cut off himself from the outside world when he’s in the no-idea-but-deadline-is-coming condition. Well who can’t? but in Jin Soo’s condition, he’ll play with dominos

He’s a good barista as well. I mean, just because no barista in this world can make coffee that suits your taste than you become one, just for yourself? that’s Jin Soo..

His partnership with the clumsy-innocent-yet-cute Seung Young is just perfect. The eccentric meet the clumsy equal laughter…

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