Park Shin Hye & Jeong Young Hwa in “Festival”

Park Shin Hye and CNBlue Jeong Young Hwa will be re-paired again in MBC’s next drama “Festival”?
Yes, it’s no more a rumour. Park Shin Hye’s agency, 4HIM Entertainment has confirmed today, March 9th, that she’ll be the heroin of the drama. Hopefully it’s gonna be a sweet reunion between the two after “You’re Beautiful”.

“Festival” is about the life of students in an Art College where they compete to be the best but unlikely to avoid love. Park Shin Hye will play as a strong-will gayageum genius whose life is facing hard situation because of her competition, a cold and arrogant city boy who is a guitar genius played by Young Hwa. Well, honestly I prefer watching Young Hwa on the stage with the creative performances of CNBlue, but it’s good knowing the fact that he’s got a good talent in acting and seems to be serious in it.

Can’t wait to watch this drama? We gotta be patient for its first airing in June 22nd.

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