Go Soo Will Be Married On February

The world will lose one more hot single guys. :(

On January 11, Go Soo wrote on his fan cafe “Angles by Go Soo’s Side” an announcement that he will get married to his non celebrity girlfriend, known as Miss Kim, on February 17th.

Go Soo (34) met his 11 younger lover on 2008. Then after knowing each other a couple years, this year they decided to get married even though the bride is still register as college student.

the reason he wrote this good news on fan cafe was because he really loves his fans. He wants to share his joy with his loyal fans, but he also apologized for keeping his relationship from public, because they’re (he and his girlfriend) only ordinary couple who don’t need publicity about the relationship. And he still wants them to keep supporting him even he’s not a single actor anymore.

Congratulation Go Soo-sii, we hope you and your bride will always showered with love and happily ever after!

Beside busy with his wedding preparation, these days Go Soo is also busy with his new project movie alongside Han Hyo Joo, “Bandage

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