Gong Yoo’s Cute at “MONSTER” Magazine’s Cover

Isn’t Gong Yoo so cute in this picture? I like his cheerful expression there :)

As you can see on the writing there, it’s a Japanese magazine. We’ve talked about Gong Yoo’s expanding Japan in the previous article and now he start it with an exclusive appearance in “MONSTER” Magazine where he’s talking about his movies, CF, hobby, friends and some of his childhood story.

So it’s very obvious that he’s very serious in penetrating Japanese market. He’s making a nice introduction to Japanese people through this quarterly published magazine. Keep fighting! :)

I dedicate this article especially to Blossom… “야!! 어디야?”


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  1. Gyaaaaak…owowowow…thanks for this article girl!!!Gong Yoo-ssi so nyummy, look delicious…
    I’m here Rizz. Okay, I’ll comeback sooooon…:D

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