Goo Ha Ra’s One Love Sided Affair on “City Hunter”

The aggressive daddy’s daughter, Da Hye (played by Goo Ha Ra), has a crush on our hero on “City Hunter”, Lee Min Ho, at the first sight. (Well, who doesn’t? :)  )

In this drama, Goo Ha Ra will fall for Lee Min Ho’s character, the private detective who is also her tutor. Da Hye always wants to be around him and doesn’t even hesitate to express her feelings for him.

For playing Da Hye’s character Goo Ha Ra must appear as a cute and spoiled girl. Maybe she will be  a bit annoying but sweet for Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho and Ha Ra are so friendly on the filming location. But Goo Ha Ra addressed Lee Min Ho with ‘ajeossi‘ not ‘oppa:D and Lee Min Ho calls her ‘Hara Goo”…hooo..they look like a pair of cute siblings. :D

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