Ha Ji Won and Bae Doo Na Ready for Table Tennis Championship on May

Finally, the most anticipated movie “Korea” (코리아) ready to be released on May. On April 4th at CGV Apgujung they held the press conference of the movie. Besides the actors, Ha Ji Won, Bae Doo Na, Park Cheol Min, Lee Jung Suk, Han Ye Ri, and more, the real main character of this movie, Korean table tennis coach-executive director, Hyun Jung Hwa, also came to that event.

Hyun Jung Hwa said that she was really excited when she heard that her (and Korean people’s) historical moment was planned to be adapted on movie. It was when she played alongside with a North mate, Lee Bun Hee, got gold medal on Table Tennis Championship at Chiba on 1991. She decided to be directly involved in the whole  filming process, as an executive director, including the casting process.

Ha Ji Won chosen by Hyun Jung Hwa to portray herself, she was the special request. She thought Ha Ji Won was the most eligible actress for that role. She realized that it was too hard to make actresses transformed into a professional table tennis athlete within 3 months,  but then she knew that  Ha Ji Won was always very  passionate on each of her role in movie and drama and also has a fighting spirit like an athlete. It was the right decision because Ha Ji Won learned table tennis so fast. Meanwhile, other main characters, Bae Doo Na (actually) was born to be a table tennis athlete, she played tennis like a pro.

This press conference was quite unique. If we use to see the actors and actress wear pretty, neat, and fashionable clothes, yesterday the whole characters use national athlete uniform. They didn’t bring South flag on their badge but the flag of reunification. I know what message they’re sending to the public, the dream about reunification.

The whole characters looked so happy they can contribute to this movie that based on true story, to show their support to peace and togetherness. This is not an only-sport-movie, this movie will full of tears and emotions.

And these are more pictures from that event.

The female athletes with their long pretty legs..so envious.

The characters looked friendly towards each other. And of course, we always need Park Cheol Min-ajeossi

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