Handwriting Letter from Hyun Bin for Fans’s Unchanged Love

20130122-Hyun Bin

To show his feeling sincerely, on January 18th Hyun Bin wrote a message for the fans through The Space. And this is so sweet, he wrote the letter with his own hand. He’s really grateful that his fans keep pouring him with unchanged love before and after military service. He feels so much blessed having loyal fans who patiently waited for him while in military.

He also promised that he will come back soon as the better person and actor. In the future he will do nothing but the best to repay fans’ love.

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin is still considering some dramas or movies project, but he already signed up with coffee brand, Cantata, as the brand ambassador, and he also continues the contract with Samsung TV.

Hyun Bin-ssi, welcome back to the industry! I can’t wait to watch your up-coming dramas or movies.

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