Hot Pics of Song Seung Heon from “My Princess”!

Whoaaaa…these photos…whoa…I’m speechless :drooling:
Song Seun Heon has a beautiful six pack (may I call it beautiful? Because I think the abs is so perfect, nothing less and nothing more) :left:
On January 4th some more photos from “My Princess” were released, capturing Song Seung Heon in shower. Frankly, I wonder how important is the shower scene in the drama “My Princess”?  I don’t know what the real meaning of these photo release by the official of “My Princess” was. Perhaps it’s just part of the pre-aired promotion to attract more viewers for the drama. Or maybe this scene IS important for the story line.

Whatever the reason was, the marketing team has succeeded to attract many fans by releasing these hot pictures. I’m so sure to watch his six pack…oops…his drama I mean. :mrgreen:
“My Princess” will begin airing today, January 5th on MBC. This is the first romantic comedy drama for Song Seung Heon.

Rizz additional: Seung Heon oppa, I have a song for you…John Mayer’s “Your Body is a Wonderland”  :mrgreen:

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5 Responses to Hot Pics of Song Seung Heon from “My Princess”!

  1. Wonder why his popularity dropped compared to Kim Tae Hee’s after the release of those pics :|

  2. wow! he’s really hot!

    I hope his mine. hahahahahahahhahaha

  3. josie mel san juan

    he’s really hot and sexy!!!

  4. Is hot and sexy he looks great is also an amazing actor I loved him so much in the drama my princess!

  5. God, he is hot!!!i love you….

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