Hyun Bin, “Never Forget Now” on HighCut

Before he’s leaving for marine corps on March 7th, HighCut revealed Hyun Bin’s photos that depicting his frenzy schedule during the Berlin International Film Festival that held last month through article “Berlin, 5 Nights 7 days”

Hyun Bin said, “Never forget now”, the experience that he got during the last few months he definitely will not forget. There’re many blessings he get lately, the latest was taking part in the 61st Berlin International Film Festival for “Love Me, Love Me Not” or “Come Rain, Come Shine”.

Of course he looks handsome and cool on these photos, but I caught the hue of fatigue in his face and his eyes…he looksa bit exhausted. I feel pity for him, he must be tired to follow the tight schedule before entering the army.

Hyun Bin-ssi, I hope I will never forget you while you are in Army for two years…i’m going feel lonely…fuuhuhu.. T_T

Check his suit before attending “Love Me, Love Me Not” press conference.

Go to the hotel after dinner with producers and others..

He attended dinner with importers and producers after red carpet event and movie screening.

Looked exhausted in his hotel room, Grand Hyatt Berlin Hotel room number 537, again with cigarette on his slender fingers.

At the airport with Berlin sunny sky and coffee in his hand, Hyun Bin was ready to go back to Seoul.

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