Hyun Bin and Kim Sung Oh Reunite on Samsung TV CF

Absolutely the “Secret Garden” is a phenomenon, and the popularity seemed to never end. Even Samsung took the popularity to their TV ads. Bickering between President Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) and Secretary Kim (Kim Sung-Oh) became the main attraction on this Samsung Smart TV ads.

With the theme “The difference between sky and earth”, the arrogant Kim Joo Won is so comfortable with all the luxuries and sophisticated, and the clumsy secretary Kim looks bewildered. It’s so hilarious when Kim Joo Won is so hard trying to explain about high technology, luxury and modern things to secretary Kim who is in puzzle, then bickering happen between them. :lol:

Besides as Kim Joo Won, in another ads version Hyun Bin also appeared as himself. Oh my dearest oppa, why do you have to be so cute on these day ?! makes me unwilling to let you to join the marine corps for two years. T_T

Seeing them again made me want to re-watch “Secret Garden”. I’m sorry Rizz, apparently took a vacation for several weeks does not make me recover from the “Secret Garden” fever, so if you’re looking for me Rizz, you’d know what I’m doing, Yups … re-watch “Secret Garden” :mrgreen:

Hyun Bin version

The Kims version

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