Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won: The Best Chadonam and Ttadonyeo

Still from a movie site, held a poll on December 27th-30th about chadonam (cool-stuffy-urban guy), chadonyeo (cool-stuffy-urban girl), ttadonam (warm-friendly-urban guy), and ttadonyeo (warm-friendly- urban girl).

And the results, for chadonam with 2602 respondents, first ranked was our kkadonam on Secret Garden, Hyun Bin, who are elected by 49,% votes (1287 respondents). In second place (of course) my sexy-bad- boy in Athena, Cha Seung Won (14.1%, 366 respondents). Then they’re followed by Kim Jae Wook who (actually) used to played well in his dramas or movies! But too bad his recent drama was so plain for me. He managed to be selected by 11.2% votes (292 respondents).

For chadonyeo with 2286 respondents, Chae Jeong Ahn (Queen of Reversals) success to be the ice queen. She gained 38.2% votes (874 respondents). Kim Sa Rang quite successful with her role as ‘chaebol’ princess in Secret Garden, she managed to occupy the second place with 16.1% votes (367 respondents). And for third place on the femme fatale in Athena, Soo Ae, who managed to be selected by 7.1% votes (184 respondents).

Confusing results happen in ttadonam, because Hyun Bin who had been selected as the best chadonam, was elected again as the best ttadonam…hohoho… certainly it’s because he played very well in Secret Garden. With 2497 respondents, Hyun Bin got 49.3% votes (1232 respondents). In the second place our hero in Athena, Jeong Woo Seong (14.4%, 359 respondents), then followed by Park Si Ho (9.1%, 228 respondents). And in fourth place is Cha Seung Won (7%, 175 respondents)…hohoho..I love this result. :mrgreen:

For ttadonyeo with 2654 respondents, Ha Ji Won had been at the top with majority votes. Ahe managed to get 51.8% votes (1371 respondents). In second place the lovely double agent, Soo Ae (19.4%, 513 respondents), followed by Oska’s anti-fan in Secret Garden, Kim Sa Rang (9.2%, 243 respondents). And in fourth place was Kim Tae Hee, with her baby face (5.4%, 143 respondents).

I think these results based on the most popular dramas right now. So naturally the names that appear are the casts from Secret Garden, Athena, Queen of Reversals, Marry Me, Mary!. But I wonder something: why Jang Geun Seok didn’t exist in these lists even for the  ttdonyeo or chadonyeo categories? :rolleyes: :p

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5 Responses to Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won: The Best Chadonam and Ttadonyeo

  1. Wow! I totally agree with the results! I love Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. I love Secret Garden. I love their strong chemistry! ;)

  2. I agree with the result of that survey. Anyone takes a look at Hyun Bin’s face, they could really see a good person inside out! That’s the way i see him. I love the way he acts as Owen in SeGa. Very natural and convincing..and his sense of fashion is so admirable. Keep up the good works and hope you visit the Philippines. You will make your fans..me included..sooo happy. I also commend the writer of this movie. Great job! Fantastic ideas! Just so love it!Again, you captured my attention Hyun Bin! <3

  3. hyun bin-ha ji won is the best.wow i really like it.their great.

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