Hyun Bin-Song Hye Kyeo: Didn’t Make It

Frankly, I wasn’t surprised about this news. When considering Hyun Bin’s statement recently about his relationship, I knew it would happen sooner or later. Today (March 8th), a day after Hyun Bin entered military service, the couple, Hyun Bin-Song Hye Kyeo, through their agency made an official press released stating that they were no longer as a couple. They broke up on early January.

Blaming their busy and tight schedule to not be able to enjoy personal time, they finally decided to separate. They started dating since 2009, after they played together on “World Within”.

I quite understand why they finally separated, but I still can’t get why they finally released  a statement a day after Hyun Bin joined military? Over the past two months, they had been denying the separation.  Maybe they did not want to cause too much press speculation about their separation.

They also apologized for keeping this news for a while, they broke up in a good way. They promise to give the best for their career.

As I recall recently Hyun Bin said “there is a girl I am dating” which at that time he actually had already broken up with Song Hye Kyeo. Then who the girl he was talking about? Could be… Ha Ji Won? :rolleyes: Dunno… I do not want to speculate. But I think this is the only way for Hyun Bin to protect Song Hye Kyeo’s privacy…and also his.

I feel a bit sorry that they didn’t make it, but I haven’t any affect of this news, because sometimes I don’t care about their personal lives. What matters to me is their work. That’s why I hope they keep doing their best in their respective career and Goodluck for them both! ;)

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  1. wow… well I’m not suprised too

  2. so is hyun bin and ha ji won dating, married or what?

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