Hyun Bin Stills from “Late Autumn”

When I saw these pictures I felt seeing someone else, not Hyun Bin. He looks calm and mature in “Late Autumn”. Maybe that’s the image he wanted to potray in this movie, quite different from his phenomenally amusing character Kim Joo Won (Secret Garden). I think, with light mustache he looks cool and sexy, obviously I love his haircut, almost the same as his appearance in 2010 SBS drama awards.

In this movie, Hyun Bin plays alongside with Tang Wei, Chinese Actress. “Late Autumn” or “Manchu” is about a woman named Anna (played by Tang Wei), who was just released after 7 years in prison for killing her husband. After being released, she decided to make a trip to Seattle where she met a stranger, Hun (played by Hyun Bin) who eventually accompanied her during the journey. And then they fall in love with each other.

So they fall in love within a few days? :? Maybe it’s love at the first sight matter? Frankly, I don’t believe in love at first sight, but if the case was meeting (as personally) Hyun Bin, I think I’d fall in love with him right away…caught under his masculin charm :mrgreen:

But the most important thing from this movie is about people who are abandoned and struggle to return to their normal life.

This movie will be released on February 17th. It also gets a place at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival which will be held on February 10th. Whoa…I am amazed with Hyun Bin, he was invited to that event for his two latest movies, “Late Autumn” and “Love Me, Love Me Not”, his hard work was absolutely paid. Good job, oppa!!! B)

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