Jae Joong for “Protect The Boss” Soundtrack part.3

The first time I heard the song, I instanly fell in love with it. The husky Jae Joong’s voice perfectly fits this beautiful ballad song. And not only trusted to act for “Protect The Boss”, Jae Joong is also trusted to sing for the soundtrack of this drama. On part 3, Jae Joong sings “I Will Protect You”.

For  singing we don’t need to doubt Jae Joong’s ability since he’s the member of JYJ, and I think  so far, Jae Joong’s acting on “Protect The Boss” is also pretty nice. He can be comical, that’s quite a surprise actually.

Audio : Kim Jae Joong “I Will Protect You” (지켜줄께)

[video source]

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