Jang Geun Seok as A Musician (as always)

In his new drama “Mary Stayed Out All Night”, Jang Geun Seok is playing the character of Mu Gyeol, a band vocalist. This just pretty much reminds me of his previous works in “Beethoven Virus” and in “You Are Beautiful”, where he always played as a musician. But there’s no problem for me since so far he has been able to play it well and even sing quite convincingly.  Sometimes I think he should start his career as a singer.

Just like in the drama “You Are Beautiful”, he also sings for this drama. This time he appears in the form of an indie band “완전 무결” (in English can be called the Integrity of Mu Gyeol or Totally Mu Gyeol). The band consists of 4 members with Mu Gyeol (played by Jang Geun Suk) as the leader, the vocalist and the lead guitar as well. The second guitar is handled by Rino (Kim Min Kyu), bass by Yo Han (Geum Ho Seok), and Leo (Park Cheol-Hyeon) on drums.

As part of the scene in the drama, they appeared on stage (like a real band). They perform the song that will be used as the soundtrack of this drama. “Mary Stayed Out All Night” is not yet airing, but they managed to pack this concert scene and bring many fans to make this scene successful. Even before it’s running, this drama already has many fans..wow!  :o
Like de ja vu when I saw Jang Geun Seok sang on that stage and watched by a lot of fans .. for me it was so A.N.JELL, just in a little  different wardrobe :D

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  1. I dont know him at all.. But I think he’s real cute!!

  2. ooooooooooooooomy gud i like u so………….much jang geun suk

  3. Wowooooooooo Absolutely,jang geun suk shi very stylish and fashionable looks .. So handsome looks, because , I love that

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