Ji Sung Becomes a Cranky Boss for ELLE

Actually after seeing this photo I think I start to fall in love with Ji Sung. Just instantly I changed my opinion about his silly-curly hair. In this photo, instead of looks annoying, he looks very attractive and pretty cool with that hair cut. He looks as an educated bad boy, the arrogant aristocrat.

With eccentric aristocratic style he appeared for ELLE magazine. This photo affirms his role on his new drama “Protect the Boss”, where he plays as Cha Ji Heon, a spoiled and annoying boss. chaebol. His role as bad boss for No Eun Seol (played by Choi Kang Hee), the secretary.

Besides the secretary who’s been always bothered by him, Ji Heon also has a lovely cousin, Cha Moo Won (played by Kim Jae Joong), it seems  there will be competition between the cousins​​ for everything even for love. Who will be the best boss? The good boss or the bad boss? If you ask me, sure I always love the bad one… :mrgreen:  The prince charming does not always be perfect.

“Protect The Boss” will be airing on August 3rd on SBS.

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