Ji Sung Is Back For “The Great Seer” (대풍수)

“The Great Seer” or “The Great Feng Shui Master” or “Dae Poong Soo” added more casts, after Ji Jin Hee, Lee Yoon Ji, and Kim So Yeon on the list, finally they chose Ji Sung, as the Master. On August 16th, Ji Sung’s agency, Namoo Entertainment released  statement that their actor positively joins the new sageuk drama “The Great Seer” and takes the leading character, Ji Sang, the gifted seer.

Back on 2011, I really loved his appearance on “Protect The Boss.” He looked so adorkable and adorable there, but in this comeback drama Ji Sung will look brainy and wise since he has to  portraye the legendary scholar, Ji Sang. Ji Sang was born with special abilities, he can see into the future and past of other people, he was brilliant.  He was the most influential figure at the time. He’s an expert to read geography, face, just like the fortune teller.

On drama that based on the real history, on Goryeo dynasty, Ji Sang was known as advisor for general Yi Seong Gye (played by Ji Jin Hee), who became the first  king for Joseon dynasty. Through his thought the political power of  Goryeo changed and there came the rise of the Joseon dynasty.

“The Great Seer” will be running on SBS this October

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