Joo Won for KBS’s New Drama “Bridal Mask”

yay! finally he become the first guy on his next project, Joo Won has confirmed to be the leading role on KBS’s new drama “Bridal Mask”. No wonder he put “The Moon That Embraces The Sun” aside, of course he would prefer to be a hero than be (just) a second guy, right?

“Bridal Maks” based on  classic manga “각시탈” (Gaksital), this is a masterpiece from popular painter Heo Yeong Man that written on1974. This manga also became very popular. “Bridal Mask” setting is during Japan’s occupation about 1930’s, Lee Kang To (Joo Won’s character) has two different roles. He is just an ordinary guy at first, but after he’s wearing the mask he becomes the hero who  fight injustice and protect the vulnerable people from imperialist Japan.

He’s known as gaksital because he wears the blushing cheeks mask which looked a like a traditional bride. I think it would be a dilemma for his fans, because his face will be cover with mask often…oh too bad, because they wasted his handsome face.

This is the giant project for Joo Won, not only adapting a masterpiece, but also the budget of drama that until 10 billion won. Maybe he’s offered this role due to his latest projects, “Special Investigation Unit”, and “Ojakgyo Brothers”, where he’s really success becoming the police man. At least he already has experience to act as a hero on “Bridal Mask”.

This classic-city hunter-story planned to be airing about May 2012.

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  1. Really Blossom, I can’t wait for this… ;)

  2. can’t wait too!!

  3. He was great in Baker King so I look forward to seeing him in a leading role.

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