Joo Won’s Cold Expressions For “Gaksital” (각시탈)

Stills from KBS’s new drama “Gaksital” (각시탈) revealed to public. The hero, Lee Kang To (Joo Won) appeared with expressionless face. And i think to be expressionless is not hard at all for Joo Won’s cold face. As the hero Lee Kang To was ready to throw his fist to fight the bad guys.

Since “Gaksital” is an action drama, for this role Joo Won had a tight schedule for martial arts training and horse riding practice. But actually it’s too bad for us, because our hero will often appear with the bridal mask, so Joo Won’s mysterious expressions will be hidden behind the mask.

This high budget drama will follow up “The Equator Man” starts on May 30 at KBS.

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2 Responses to Joo Won’s Cold Expressions For “Gaksital” (각시탈)

  1. i jast love lee kang to i do love him very very much i dont lier i love him i jast sink abot him ido love him

  2. Love him since his first drama.and now the feelin’s him much,he’s great.So awesome n charming actor.

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