“Bridal Mask” : The Brotherhood Behind The Revenges

On September 1st, Park Ki Woong through his twitter account uploaded the comical picture  from his recent drama “Bridal Mask” set. Park Ki Woong posed with his best partner, Joo Won. They both showed the “V” sign so adorably,  and with those legs,  i think this pic was too cute, they’re just like kids.

As Shonji Kimura  and Lee Kang To, as former-bestfriends, they’re trapped on conflict situation, hatred and misunderstanding. They both have burden to take revenges which forces them to kill each other. But behind the scene, as Park Ki Woong and Joo Won, they become the real bestfriends and brothers. Along side the picture, Park Ki Woong also wrote that he really loved his dongsaeng, Joo Won.

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  1. best friend is such a good thing that we should have ate least one in out whole life…

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