Kang Dong Won Makes Pictorial Comeback on Highcut

On November 12 Kang Dong Won was discharged secretly from military. No ceremony, no fans meeting, no press conference. There wasn’t any single photos when he officially finished his duty on military. I think he didn’t act mysteriously, but just seemed  keep the best for the right moment. And the right moment has come, recently Kang Dong Won appears confident on Highcut.

This pictorial is also official announcement  for his comeback on entertainment industry after spending two years in military. Besides the pictorial,  he also shares his thought about his life during the military, his career, his plans, his next project, and his opinion about the competition in entertainment industry.

On this pictorial as always he looks handsome. Once again he shows his gloomy and mysterious charm through his deep eyes. Frankly it surprises me that he also reveals his light personalities, so nice to see his smile here. and i think on some pictures, especially above, he looks like TOP  from Big Bang. I don’t know why he looks younger after military service, but too bad he didn’t expose more of his post-military body on this pictorial, i bet i’m gonna swoon if i saw that. :mrgreen:

This pictorial will published this month, precisely on December 6th.

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