Kang Ji Hwan: Our New CEO on May 2011

After CEO Kim Joo Won in “Secret Garden”, it looks like on May we will be entertained by another handsome CEO, Hyun Ki Joon in “Lie To Me”.

Kang Ji Hwan will act as a chaebol in the most anticipated drama “Lie To Me” on SBS. Hyun Ki Joon has served as CEO of one of the luxury hotels in the country. Actually I didn’t want to compared Kang Ji Hwan with Hyun Bin, but after seeing these photos my memory automatically back in our arrogant LOEL CEO Kim Joo Won. Right??? :?

I hope they show different personalities because I think I’m quite satisfied with our arrogant CEO, Kim Joo Won, but if Kang Ji Hwan become as lovely as the legendary LOEL CEO, I will accept him gladly. :mrgreen:

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