Kang Ji Hwan Shows His D-Line on “Detective Cha” Teaser Poster

Do you remember this?? About the reunion project of Hong Gil Dong’s couple, Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yoo Ri, “Detective Cha”(차형사) . The teaser poster of this comedy movie has been released. Yeah..it seems the filming finished and the movie is ready to be released on May.

The poster really caught my attention. First time I saw this poster i didn’t recognize the object because it’s just a silhouette. After reading the article i still didn’t believe if the object is Kang Ji Hwan with his belly. He tries to look sexy with D-line. :lol:

Kang Ji Hwan plays as an undercover police. To resolve the case he has to pretend as a male super model, then to perfect his disguise, he must be intensively trained by expert,  Sung Yoo Ri’s character. So, there will be a really hard training for this overweight detective.

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