Kim Bum Joins Moon Geun Yeong for “Goddess of Fire”

20130507-Kim Bum

Through King Kong Entertainment, on May 6th, Kim Bum is confirmed to act alongside with Moon Geun Yeong on up-coming drama “Goddess of Fire Jung Yi” (불의여신 정이). This is the first sageuk project for him. Our ceramic guy on “Boys Before Flower” (2008) has to protect the first female ceramic artist, Jung Yi or Baek Pa Sun (Moon Geun Yeong).

“Goddess of Fire Jung Yi” will be airing this July on MBC. Kim Bum will be play as Kim Tae Do, he is the childhood friend of Jung Yi. They grew up together, just like sibling. Kim Tae Do appears as the perfect guy, handsome,caring, brave, but too bad his love to Jung Yi is unrequited.

Actually Kim Tae Do is the second guy in this drama, since Jung Yi falls in love with a man-become-king, Kwanghee (played by Lee Sang Yoon). But their love also ended sadly, Kwanghee has to let her go due to his status as a royal family.

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