Kim Hyun Jung as Gummy’s Accurate Shot

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As Korean music industry is now dominated by boys and girls bands, or what is called idol group, solo singers’ light has likely to fade away. As for Gummy, that problem seemed to be solved by a brilliant new “selling” strategy.

The singer whose real name is Park Ji Yeon, started her professional singing career in 2003. In her new single “As a Man”, she had SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Jung, as her video clip model. This strategy has proven to work very well to rise up Gummy’s popularity since it was first aired on television. It seems that the euphoria of the most famous Korean drama of 2009, Boys Before Flowers, has not finished yet.

Kim Hyung Jung (one of the Korean F4) was paired with Jung Ryu Won (rival of Kim Sun Ah in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon) in this video clip. Their acting has brought a fresh and youth atmosphere, despite the fact that Jung Ryu Won is older than Kim Hyung Jung.

The concept of the video clip is also fresh and interesting. Only within few minutes the storytelling was wrapped in such a way that viewers can comprehend the meaning of the song.

However the fans do not seem to care about that. This video clip is loved as the comeback acting performance of Kim Hyung Jung after his last performance in Boys Before Flowers.

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