Kim Sun Ah – Lee Jang Woo for MBC’s New Drama “I Do I Do” (아이두 아이두)

Kim Sun Ah will  comeback for another MBC drama, last year she made our emotion drained with her melancholic role on “Scent of Woman”, and thank God (oh yeah because on “Scent of Woman” i don’t like her being so weak and always cried) she will be back on her expertise, on romantic-comedy drama. On March 12 she confirmed that she will take the female lead on “I Do I Do” (아이두 아이두).

Because the main issue of “I Do I Do” is an age gap on love relationship and maybe trend for 2012 that the noona-deul has to be paired with younger boyfriend, so finally Lee Jang Woo was chosen to become Kim Sun Ah’s partner. Lately Lee Jang Woo is getting popular since he  had a good job on “Smile Donghae” and “Man of Honor” (Glory Jane) and gaining more attention on “We Got Married” alongside with Eun Jung (T-Ara).

Hwang Ji An (Kim Sun Ah), the thirty something succesful woman,  top shoes designer, but dominant person.  One day her perfect life turns upside down because the scandal. She had ‘one night stand’ accidentally with a reckless younger guy, Park Tae Kang (Lee Jang Woo), and which makes it worse is that he is the rookie on her company. Park Tae Kang only graduated from high school diploma but has high dedication for his job.

Besides interested in the age gap and woman on top issue, I also really miss looking Kim Sun Ah getting bold and shows the girl power, so absolutely i’m looking forward for this drama to reduce my disappointment on”Scent of Woman”. “I Do I Do” will follow up “The King 2 Hearts” on late-May.

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  1. hollo . i am pershin . lee jang woo is so beautifull . i love her a lllllllloooooooootttttttttt…

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