Kim Tae Hee Wearing Hanbok for “My Princess”

Seeing these pictures, I suddenly recalled  “Goong” when Yoon Eun Hye had to be a princess. But for “My Princess”, Kim Tae Hee doean’t have to be a real princess. She just needs to be a fake one. She looks cute with hanbok, but looks a bit clumsy and confused.

Kim Tae Hee plays as Lee Seol, a regular college student who has principles will do anything (as long as no against the law) to get money. The odd situation makes her met a chaebol (played by Song Seung Heon) until she ends up as a fake princess. So, fake princess is just her part-time job…hohoho… that’s an interesting way of make a living.

While acting as a fake princess, she still has to do the duties of a real princess. It must be hard for Lee Seol. She’s just an ordinary girl. Aha! That’s right, this drama really reminds me of “Goong”, a silly girl who was forced to be polite and very well-manner one.

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  1. sounds interesting drama

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