Choi Ji Woo & Yoon Sang Hyun : We Were Married

Of course not in the real life ;)

Yeah, Choi Ji Woo and Yoon Sang Hyun were married in their up coming drama “Can’t Live With Losing” or “Can’t Lose”. This romantic-comedy drama is scheduled to start airing on August 24th, replacing “Heartstrings” that’s going to end on mid August.

Lee Eun Jae and Yeon Hyeong Woo were two colleagues and acquintances. They both lawyers. They started to fall in love with each other and finally married after a year. They madly in love with each other, run a happy marriage couple…but that doesn’t last long. The couple soon to split and decided to get divorce.

And the story line of the drama is going to be the divorce process of this lawyer-couple. They quarrel and fight on the court to be the one coming out as the winner.

Eventhough the story line is more of adult-level drama and telling about marriage&divorce thingy, I think it’s gonna be a light romantic comedy one and quite entertaining to see. Well, having two big Hallyu stars as the leading casts is a great advantage to attract people’s attention. But I think it can be risky too. You know, with great names people tend to expect a great story too. I mean, who doesn’t expect much from the Hallyu queen Choi Ji Woo?? So hopefully the director, Lee Jae Dong, will work hard to give us new ideas and fresh story line.

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