Lee Da Hae to Become The Heroine for “IRIS 2”?

On September 18th, reportedly that Lee Da Hae has been reviewing since last month the offer that came from Tae Won Entertainment to become the charismatic heroine on “IRIS” sequel. Lee Da Hae’s side and Taewon Entertainment is still on negotiation process.

Actually, for Lee Da Hae this is not new thing, on 2010 she also reviewed “Athena” project, but too bad she dropped the project at the time. But now maybe she doesn’t want to make the same mistake, if she agrees to take the role, it means more pretty lady to become the secret agent, following up Kim Tae Hee, Lee Ji Ah, and Soo Ae.

“IRIS” season 2 plans to be released early next year. For 20 billion budget drama, they’re looking for the most eligible actors and actresses to make this sequel perfect. On actor side, they already offered the role to Jang Hyuk, but until now the actor hasn’t decided yet.

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