Lee Min Gi (이민기)

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This actor had caught my attention through drama “Dalja’s Spring” when he played as Dalja’s (Chae Rim) boy friend. His acting ability there was quite good, but he had showed his impressive skill in 2009’s “Haeundae“. He played Choi Hyeong Shik’s character very well along with the good saturi speaking. On August 2009, he released his debut EP “No Kidding” with a strong indie-electro rock sound. He also tried singing, but it didn’t work well. Personally, I don’t think handsome will be the right category for him, nor sexy. I think this man just had a particular uniqueness, which I’m not sure I know what it is…


Name: Lee Min Gi /이민기

Birthdate: January 16th 1985

  • Be Strong, Geum Soon! (MBC, 2005)
  • Rainbow Romance (MBC, 2005)
  • Love Truly (MBC, 2006)
  • Dal-Ja’s Spring (KBS2, 2007)
  • Evasive Inquiry Agency (KBS2, 2007)
  • Riverbank Legends (cameo appearance) (2006)
  • A Good Day to Have an Affair (2007)
  • Humming (2008)
  • Romantic Island (2008)
  • Oishii Man (2009)
  • Haeundae (2009)
Other appearances
  • Drama City (KBS) – My Older Brother (June 13, 2004)
  • Drama City (KBS) – Oh! Sarah (January 2, 2005)
  • Drama City (KBS) – Booyong of Mt. Kyeryong (August 6, 2005)
  • MBC Best Theater (MBC) – Taerung National Village (October 29 to November 19, 2005


  • Nominee for 2004 KBS Drama Awards: Special Drama/One-Act Drama Award (Drama City episode “My Older Brother”)
  • Nominee for 2005 KBS Drama Awards: Special Drama/One-Act Drama Award (Drama City episode “Oh! Sarah” & “Booyong of Mt. Kyeryong”)
  • 2005 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actor
  • Nominee for 43rd annual Paeksang Arts Awards, 2007: Best New Actor (I Really, Really Like You)
  • Nominee for 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards, 2007: Best New Actor (A Day for an Affair)
  • Nominee for 2007 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence in a mini-drama (Dalja’s Spring, Evasive Inquiry Agency)
  • 2009 Style Icon Awards: New Movie Icon
  • Nominee for 30th Blue Dragon Film Awards, 2009: Best Supporting Male Actor (Haeundae)
  • Winner for 46th annual Paeksang Arts Awards, 2010: Best New Actor (Haeundae)

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