Lee Min Ho After “City Hunter”

After completing the “City Hunter”, instead of taking a rest Lee Min Ho is getting busy. A few days ago he had just returned from LA after doing a CF shoot with Yoona. On August 20, he also held fans meeting at auditorium Yeonse University, Seoul, and will go straight to Japan to continue a series of promotions.

It’s been busy weeks for Lee Min Ho, even within a single day he had to do many things, meeting fans (twice, on Seoul and Japan), CF filming, photo shoot, and others. But with the tight schedule he did it gladly for the sake of his fans. He is very grateful to the loyal fans who always give him support.

So, as long as the buzz from “City Hunter” hasn’t ended, I think he has to postpone his vacation, and it seems for an unlimited times since “City Hunter” was an amazing production. Public impossibly forget it soon, including me. :mrgreen:

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  1. Ganbate min ho!!!

    Even if ur mind says stops ‘cuz of hurdles, let ur spirit cry never

    Never stop achieving 4 wht u believe in..


  2. elow my heroes

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