Lee Min Ho’s Smile After Disenggaging Yoon Seong Character

Lee Min Ho has gained so much attention through drama “City Hunter” because his character here as Lee Yoon Seong was so much different from his character in 2009 drama “Boys After Flower”, Goo Joon Pyeo.

Personally, I never considered Lee Min Ho as a Korean Heartthrob or a even a good looking Korean man before. Well, our level is Jang Dong Gun, Won Bin, Cha Seung Won…you know those kind of muscular manly men. :mrgreen:

Even when he moved a bit of his image from the comical boy in “Boys After Flower” to a mature architect in 2010 drama “Personal Taste”, he’s still typical. At least for me. But Lee Min Ho has seemed to really grow up as a man through Yoon Seong character. And I finally consider him as a sexy Korean man for the first time :) . From comical image to soft and then to hot image.
He did a serious training for “City Hunter” and as we know in the beginning of the drama, he showed us that he was not afraid of getting dirty and sweaty and has built those muscles…

Now the drama has long been over, but through an interview with a Korean media he said that it seemed he hasn’t disenggaged with Yoon seong character because he still feels a bit awkward when he had to smile for an ads a few days ago. Yeah, as we know his character in “City Hunter” required him to have that sadness and gloomy mood most of the time. But now he’s free from Yoon Seong character so he could smile as wide and freely as he wish.
He has a good smile anyway…and girls are crazy for that.

[by Rizz]

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  1. Yeaayy…Rizz’s talking about a man? Like “those kind of muscular manly men” Bwahahahaha…well done anyway :)

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