Lee Min Ho’s Up-Coming Drama “Faith” (신의) Press Conference

The whole main casts from SBS’s most anticipated drama, “Faith” (신의) came to the press conference event that held on August 9th. Hoobae-deul and seonbae-deul gathered and looked so friendly at the moment, they were Lee Min Ho, Kim Hee Sun, Park Se Yeong, Lee Phillip, Yoo Oh Seong, Ryu Deok Hwan, Seong Hun, and Shin Eun Jung.  Thank God, they looked normal and simple. They didn’t wear their costume from their action figure characters

Finally this drama is ready for broadcast. Because of London Olympic Games, this drama has been postponed until next week, this drama will begin airing on August 13th.

On that event, Lee Min Ho appeared with hair new hair cut, looked messy and longer, yeah he has to look “wild” because of his role on this drama, as the Goryeo warrior, admiral Choi Yeong. He also looked so happy standing beside the pretty noona, Kim Hee Sun.

He admitted even Kim Hee Sun is the oldest of his previous noona-deul that he used to work together (Go Hye Sun, Son Ye Jin, and more) but for him Kim Hee Sun is the most energetic co-worker.

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2 Responses to Lee Min Ho’s Up-Coming Drama “Faith” (신의) Press Conference

  1. OMO!!! i love these pictures!! ;)

  2. Faith is the best Korean drama i have seen…the actors and actresses are great…

    I like everyone…not only the main roles…even the supporting roles…. Dae Mo and Dr. Jang too

    Lee Min Ho with the High Doctor seems to be a great pair too..

    I do hope that the ending would be something like they were married or had children… but anyway…i guess it was made that way to leave something for imagination….

    More power to all the cast and staff and please keep the Faith…

    BVDR from the Philippines

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