Lee Min Ho Confirmed To Joins “Faith”

After considering the script for quite a long time, finally on April 3rd Lee Min Ho through his agency confirmed his part on new drama “Faith”.

“Faith” will be the first historical fusion drama for Lee Min Ho. This is a medical drama which takes setting on Goryeo era. Lee Min Ho will act as admiral Choi Yeong, one of King Gongmin’s guards. This drama will content history, action, comedy, romance, and fantasy…following the drama trend, there will be some kind of time traveling on this drama.

On this high budget project, besides Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun, there will also be Lee Phillip, Choi Min Soo, Choi Seung Soo, and more. The drama is planned to start running on August at SBS.

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2 Responses to Lee Min Ho Confirmed To Joins “Faith”

  1. best girl ever

    lee min ho we are waiting for your new drama…fighting..!!

  2. Can’t waiting for this drama. I hope a new idea. fighting!

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