Lee Yeon Hee Join on Jo In Sung’s New Movie

Good news! Soon, Lee Yeon Hee will come back on big screen after three years recess from drama or movie project.
and the news is better since she will play alongside with Jo In Sung on “Kwonbup” (권법).

With the setting on the future, Lee Yeon Hee will play as a mysterious girl, Rei, whose life is in danger. Kwon Bup (played by Jo In Sung) is a brave student who falls in love with her, trying to save her.

Lee Yeon Hee is so excited about her comeback on this sci-fi movie “Kwonbup”. She hopes she can provide the best for her role. I think she deserves to be paired with Jo In Sung. I like her innocent face and her good acting, she’s a nice girl.

[by Blossom]

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