“Magic” (요술) from Goo Hye Seon

What a talented artist Goo Hye Seon is. Now she’s known not only as an actress, but also as a novelist (her novel “Tango”) and a movie director.

On late June 2010, a movie “Magic” (요술 ) was released. It was a star-filled on the VIP premier. Famous names like Lee Min Ho, Choi Kang Hee, Nam Sang Mi, Lee Yeong Ja and others attended the event. This long anticipated movie was for Goo Hye Seon’s debut as both a director and a screenplay writer.Goo Hye Seon became famous because of her acting as Geum Jan Di in “Boys Before Flower”(2009). Success as an actress does not make her satisfied. After the production of “Boys Before Flower” over, around November 2009 she began working on her movie as the director. Actually this is not her debut as a movie director. Previously in 2008, she had worked on a short film titled “Yukwehan Doumi” (Happy Helper) that was played only at local theaters and Japanese film festival.
“Magic” is a romantic musical movie if I may call. It’s about a love triangle among students in musical school that is also filled with rivalry and intrigue. Myeong Jin (played by Lim Ji Gyoo), played as an awkward photographer  at “Speedy Scandal“(2009), a cellist who falls in love with his fellow music school a pianist Ji Eun (played Seo Hyeo Jin), but he must compete with another cellist, Jeong Woo (played by Kim Jeong Wook) who also loves Ji Eun. Myeong Jin and Jeong Woo are actually bestfriend with opposite personalities. Conflict started when both cellist asked Ji Eun to be their pianist in an audition. They both eventually failed the audition and an incident that comes next just surprise everyone that it change their relationship. In addition to competing in the love affairs, the best friend have to compete to succeed playing the composition of “Magic” with their cello.
This movie is not very success and gain many criticism. However, I still want to give a salute for 26-years-old Goo Hye Seon. I think she succeed to pack a youth love story with so many beautiful rhythms. very nice. ;)

The trailer:

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