Man of Vendetta

My friend recommended me this movie called “Man of Vendetta” (파괴된 사나이) or what was known as “The Destroyed Man”. On its debut release, last July 1st, in South Korean theaters nationwide, it topped all other Korean movies released on the same date. It’s the #2 box office just below “Shrek: Forever After”.

It’s a thriller movie about a father trying to rescue his 8 years-long-been-kidnapped daughter safely comeback to his arms. Joo Young Soo (Kim Myeong Min) had been a very devoted pastor. One day, his 5 year old daughter, Hye Lin, was kidnapped. Joo Young Soo prayed wholeheartedly and patiently to God to bring his daughter back, but time went by…but God didn’t seem to hear him at all. 8 years later, Joo Young Soo has lost his faith to God and thought that his daughter has long died. Until one day, the kidnapper, Rudolf, contacted him and said that Hye Lin was still alive. Joo Young Soo’s soulless life was then found something to fight for: bringing his long lost daughter back to his arms.

I think the movie is quite interesting, even though i’m not fond of thriller one. But maybe i’ll give a try to watch it…

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