Mary Stayed Out All Night’s Teaser

The upcoming 2010 drama, “Mary Stayed Out All Night”, has released its first MV teaser. The video is featuring the drama’s leading roles, Moon Geung Young and Jang Geun Seok. I think this is one of the most anticipated dramas for the end of this year, along with the very-well-promoted “Athena”.

The MV is showing Jang’s character as a musician and Moon’s as a cheerful girl. They’re just an adorable couple.

I always love Moon Geun Young’s works. She’s just a great young actress and always adorable (how could she stay that cute all these years?? I mean like….we’re all “growing up clearly” while she’s just like frozen in her 15!  T_T ). While Jang Geun Seok is not my favourite, but he’s not that bad I must admit. So, hopefully it’s gonna be an entertaining drama and hit a success. ;)

Hwaiting! P (^o^) q


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  1. Do you know any websites that might post the videos for the upcoming episodes of this drama? :)

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